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The Beginning

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Dear reader:

(Back in June, 2017)

Welcome to this first newsletter on this forum. At this moment I have already had my short story proofread and edited. It took me several edits with the help of friends as well as myself, until I was tired of the process and started not to like the story so much. But I knew this is part of the process.

I found someone professional to do the last edit and the story is sitting pretty, while I await the artist chosen for the cover of the book.

From there, we still have work to do on the illustrations inside of the book.

It feels a bit surreal to be on the brink of getting my work ready for printing and for e-book release. I have been writing for many years. Dreaming of the day I was finally putting my dream in motion.

It also feels as if I finally busted out of the dream bubble and now things are happening rather fast. Excitement for my project fills my head. I walk around with images of how things will go.  Everyday is the same. I make a conscious effort to keep doing my every day chores, work, etc. I do not want to read the story again, until the illustration is ready. Then I will have a read with that in place, just to get a feel of the book like that and then I will put aside again, to wait for the inner illustrations.

I know, it is early days. There is still working to be done. In the meantime the muse calls me! To the pen and paper I go!

Until I write again