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Dear reader:

I have been diligently working on getting my book together and very excited to have the cover for my children’s book completed.

The artist for my book’s illustration is an emerging artist. She is an Art major and she is currently working on her degree. She is an amazing artist, with a natural gift, and whom I was lucky enough to meet through one of my sons.

At the moment she does not have her own website, but she is presently working on that. As soon as she does, I will add the link to her site.

We  have worked together and exchanged ideas about how best bring life into each of the characters. How each will look and give them as well their own personality traits. That is a lot of information to go into a drawing, but this artist is amazing. Capturing my ideas and bringing them to life. Each of the characters. One at a time.

Preliminary drawings are done. So that I can have a visual of what the character might look like, but it is not the actual drawing that will go in the book.

The main illustration for the cover, that I will leave as a surprise. Once the book is all together and for sale, I will add a link here at this website so that you can go and have a look at the finished product.

Until I write again,


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The Beginning

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Dear reader:

(Back in June, 2017)

Welcome to this first newsletter on this forum. At this moment I have already had my short story proofread and edited. It took me several edits with the help of friends as well as myself, until I was tired of the process and started not to like the story so much. But I knew this is part of the process.

I found someone professional to do the last edit and the story is sitting pretty, while I await the artist chosen for the cover of the book.

From there, we still have work to do on the illustrations inside of the book.

It feels a bit surreal to be on the brink of getting my work ready for printing and for e-book release. I have been writing for many years. Dreaming of the day I was finally putting my dream in motion.

It also feels as if I finally busted out of the dream bubble and now things are happening rather fast. Excitement for my project fills my head. I walk around with images of how things will go.  Everyday is the same. I make a conscious effort to keep doing my every day chores, work, etc. I do not want to read the story again, until the illustration is ready. Then I will have a read with that in place, just to get a feel of the book like that and then I will put aside again, to wait for the inner illustrations.

I know, it is early days. There is still working to be done. In the meantime the muse calls me! To the pen and paper I go!

Until I write again